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LEAD the LIFE YOU LOVE with, Elizabeth van Geerestein, Specialist in Personal Leadership and Career/Life Transitions

Meet Elizabeth van Geerestein, PhD

Elizabeth, affectionately known as “the locksmith” by her clients and students, is a transformational coach, leader, mentor and conscious entrepreneur. Her mission is to empower men and women to discover and fulfill their purpose, living life at their full potential through passionately and fully expressing their gifts and talents in service to others in order to make a valuable impact in their world.

Make The Rest Of Your Life The Best Of Your Life!

Learn the steps to living your life to your full potential. Do you aspire to have a purpose-driven life? A more fulfilling career? Satisfying and loving relationships with family and friends? Enlarge your vision in all of your key life areas and develop a healthy self-image. Improve your thinking and increase your capacity to lead, love and learn. Navigate through uncertainty; deal successfully with change and transition; overcome failures and setbacks; transform limiting beliefs into liberating truths of purpose and destiny; unclutter your schedule and go for your goals; exceed your personal best; and make the rest of your life your best life!


Transforming my Career and Living my Dream

Interview with Pietro Addis, GM Como Maalifushi Luxury Resort, Maldives