Leadership Coaching

Elizabeth helps leaders achieve positive and profitable outcomes and achieve high performance for themselves, their people, their team and their organizations.

She is skilled at helping leaders become more effective in their leadership roles as well as helping organizations implement leadership development programs and systems that ensure an ongoing pipeline of great leaders.

She closely adheres to the leadership pipeline concept – of building a leadership-powered organization and the performance pipeline concept – of getting the right level of performance at every level of leadership. Elizabeth helps leaders multiply their efforts through their teams and helps them understand the behaviors that lead to increased effectiveness. She helps leaders understand “how to be”, not just “how to do”. For truly authentic leadership she coaches leaders to balance leading from the inside-out with leading from the outside-in. There is a strong focus on congruence – alignment of your core values, core talents and core purpose with your actions and behaviors resulting in more energetic, resilient, effective, and inter- and intra-personally connected leaders.

Her leadership coaching approach also comprises agility, collaboration, cross-functional leadership and cross-functional alignment. Successful, significant and sustainable outcomes include:

  • Accelerated ability to implement innovative business strategies
  • Greater speed and agility, allowing the organization to move faster in response to change, challenge and opportunity
  • Achievement of top-line and bottom-line results
  • Improved ability to create shared vision, direction, cross-functional alignment, and commitment throughout the organization
  • Development of talent and culture while implementing the business strategy
  • Effective cross-boundary work and the collaboration required for dealing with complexity and change
  • Increased engagement within the top leadership team that links through leadership cascaded down to employees throughout the organization
  • Leadership and organizational transformation

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